Saturday, July 10, 2010

Finally, a site that serves Oxford!

Oxford, MS is great place to live, work, and play, but finding a rental property for your needs and finding renters can be a daunting task. We at saw the need to bring property owners and prospective tenants together through our extensive experience in property management in Oxford.

Without spending thousands of dollars on a website and marketing, an individual property owner only has a few options to get his/her property to the public. For a person working a full time job, coming home to spend hours uploading pictures of your property online, running classifieds, and sifting through spam emails can get tiresome. Not only is it difficult for property owners, as a prospective tenant, finding rental property can be just as demanding.

The internet is the first stop prospective tenants will make. Searching 4RentOxford.comthrough hundreds of websites, only to find that 95% of them are bogus websites some nationwide company is trying to use to make a few bucks, gets disheartening. Sure you find a few websites with properties, but they are only available to people who use those companies for management. What if, as a property owner, you want to manage your property yourself and as a tenant you aren't interested in those few hundred properties?

As a property owner, your next option is to try the classifieds, which is expensive considering you can't really guage how many real prospects look at the ad, you can't have pictures, and are limited to a small number of words. Prospective tenants search the classifieds only to find that many of those ads are not up-to-date. Also, it is hard to tell what a house looks like and where it is located by reading a few words and abbreviations. Besides, what do those abbreviations mean anyway?

A property owner and prospective tenants' last options are yard signs. Sure they are a great form of advertisement, for that property in a great location on a busy street. What if the property is on a dead end street, cul-de-sac, or at the end of a shopping center? Maybe your home is in a quiet neighborhood without any thru traffic or you are looking for a property off the beaten path. Hoping that only a sign will get the property rented is very optimistic. For those prospective tenants, driving around hoping to find rental signs is not economical at all. A person could spend hours and several tanks of gas, but still come up empty handed. If they look just one day too early or one day too late and they may never see the sign you put out. is here to solve all of these problems and to make it easy for property owners and prospective tenants to come together. When a property owner places his/her property on, they can rest assured knowing their property is receiving maximum exposure. Don't worry about whether you are getting your property out to the public, let the professionals that have years of leasing and marketing experience tell the world about your property. When listing your property on our website, it will be exposed to potential renters through many local media outlets, online media outlets, flyers and door hangers across Oxford. Not to mention the exposure it will get on The thousands of people looking at your property on the website are there for ONE reason, they need to rent something. Having your property go vacant for one month could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Don't go another day without having your property on Oxford's #1 Rental Source -!

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